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Rubber Plastics Sponge EVA Durometer Hardness meter

Product Numbers: SD-400

Product Specifications: 100

Product Units: With metric and imperial conversion

Product Remark: Provide Bluetooth data output(optional)

2018/2/28Look Select

Shore Hardness Tester Type O OO DO

Product Numbers: SD-306

Product Specifications: R 1.2 Spherical Radius

Product Units: Resolution: 0.1H

2018/2/28Look Select

Sponge Durometer Hardness Tester Meter

Product Numbers: SD-305F-305MF

Product Specifications: Measurement Range:0 ~ 100 HF

Product Units: Spring Force:455 gf

Product Remark: DIN 53505

2018/2/28Look Select

Digital C Type Shore Durometer_Hardness Scale

Product Numbers: SD-303

Product Specifications: Range 0-100HC

Product Units: Resolution 0.1HC

Product Remark: plastics and middle hard rubber materials

2013/2/18Look Select

Digital D Shore Durometer

Product Numbers: SD-302

Product Specifications: Range: 0-100HD

Product Units: Resolution:0.1HD

Product Remark: China Digital D Shore Durometer

2013/2/18Look Select

Digital A Shore Durometer_Digital Rubber Hardness Tester

Product Numbers: SD-301

Product Specifications: 0-100HA

Product Units: Resolution 0.1HA

Product Remark: Portable Rubber Hardness Tester

2013/2/11Look Select

Digital Shore Durometers

Product Numbers: SD-201

Product Specifications: A D C

Product Remark: Digital Shore Durometers

2009/10/15Look Select

Dial Shore Durometers

Product Numbers: SD-101

Product Specifications: 0-100

Product Remark: Dial Shore Durometers

2009/10/14Look Select

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