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Step Wedge For Ultrasonic Thickness Calibration Block

Product Numbers: ULCA-20001

Product Specifications: 4-7 steps

Product Remark: calibrate the ultrasonic thickness meter

2021/4/20Look Select

Untrasonic Thickness AWS DS Calibration Block

Product Numbers: ULCA-20007

Product Specifications: Size: 2" x 4 x 6" with a 2" wide cutout

Product Units: Material: carbon steel 1018

Product Remark: Weight: 6kg

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Ultrasonic Thickness CSK-IB Calibration Block

Product Numbers: ULCA-20011

Product Specifications: Use R50 and R100mm curved surfaces

Product Units: Use R100mm curved surface

Product Remark: China NDT Instrument manufacturer

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ISO2400-1972E IIW-Type 1 Test Calibration Block Ultrasonic Thickness

Product Numbers: ULCA-20008

Product Units: Standard made to - BS 2704

Product Remark: Carbon Steel, 12.5mm thick with 1.5mm hole

2021/4/20Look Select

SC Ultrasonic Calibration Block Test Block ASTM E164

Product Numbers: ULCA-20009

Product Specifications: 76.2mm*31.75mm*22.99mm

Product Units: ASTM E164 and BRR/AWS requirements.

2021/3/13Look Select

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