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Corner Angle Finder Multifunctional 170 Degree Protractor

Product Numbers: PESQ-33002

Product Specifications: Diagonal ruler

Product Units: Goniometer Gauge

Product Remark: 0-170

2023/8/25Look Select

Aluminium Alloy Miter Saw Protractor 360 Degree Angle Finder

Product Numbers: PESQ-33001

Product Specifications: 360 degree

Product Units: Aluminium Alloy

Product Remark: Carpenter Tools

2023/8/23Look Select

Steel Protractor

Product Numbers: PESQ-30310

Product Specifications: Range: 0 -180°

Product Units: granducation:1°

Product Remark: China manufacturer

2013/12/22Look Select

Locking Type Protractor

Product Numbers: PESQ-30210

Product Specifications: 80-300mm/

Product Units: With clamping screw

Product Remark: Round open head

2013/12/22Look Select

Steel Adjustable Protractors

Product Numbers: PESQ-30110

Product Specifications: 100-300mm /10 - 170°

Product Units: Graduation: 1 degree

Product Remark: China Protractor

2013/12/22Look Select

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