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Semi-conductor Halogen Leak Detector

Product Numbers: GADE-300

Product Specifications: R22,4134a, R407c, R404a, R410a, R507

Product Units: Response time: <10s

Product Remark: Response time: <10s

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Portable Smart Halogen Leak Detector

Product Numbers: GADE-200

Product Specifications: Max. Sensitivity: R12, R22, R134a: 6gr/yr

Product Units: Working temperature: 0~-52 degree

Product Remark: Response time: instantaneous

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7 Level Adjustable Sensitivity Halogen Leak Detector

Product Numbers: GADE-C

Product Specifications: R12, R22 and R134a have got approved.14g/y

Product Units: Trigger key board

Product Remark: Real-time sensitivity adjustable

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Economic Halogen Leak Detector

Product Numbers: GADE-6000

Product Specifications: Maximum sensitivity: 6 gr/yr

Product Units: Fixed probe length: 20cm

Product Remark: Reset time: two to ten seconds

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Pen Type Halogan Gas Leak Detector

Product Numbers: GADE-82

Product Specifications: Rnage of detection:10 - 1000ppm

Product Remark: Alarm mode: LED, buzzer

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