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20-Channel Low Ohm Meter Resistance Meter Max Reading:30,000

Product Numbers: OHMM-5120

Product Units: 20-Channel

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Multi Channels Micro Ohm Meter Internal and Remote Trigger

Product Numbers: OHMM-AT5110

Product Specifications: 1-30K

Product Units: 10 channels show

Product Remark: Max current:<1A

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GD/NG Low Ohm Meter 10μΩ~200KΩ

Product Numbers: OHMM-AT518L

Product Specifications: 10μΩ~200KΩ

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Portable DC milliohm Resistance Meter

Product Numbers: LCRM-AT518

Product Specifications: 10μΩ~20MΩ

Product Remark: Short-circuit Zero-Adjust for each range

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Low Resistance Ohmmeter DC Resistance Meter

Product Numbers: OHMM-AT516L

Product Specifications: 1micro ohm-30k ohm

Product Remark: Display Max 30,000

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DC Resistance Meter Micro Ohm Meter

Product Numbers: OHMM-AT516

Product Units: Measurement Range 1μΩ~20MΩ

Product Remark: Speed 80 times/second, 15 times/second, 2 times/second

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Micro Ohm Meter Resistance Meter 0.1μΩ - 110MΩ 110MΩ-1GΩ

Product Numbers: OHMM-AT515

Product Specifications: 0.1μΩ ~ 110MΩ 110MΩ-1GΩ

Product Remark: Current range: 1μA~1A

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Pure DC Resistance Meter Micro Ohm Meter

Product Numbers: OHMM-AT512

Product Specifications: Measurement Range: 0.1μΩ ~ 110MΩ

Product Units: Accuracy: 0.01%

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