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4 Flutes Spiral Step Drill Bit

Product Numbers: STDR-10401

Product Specifications: 4-12mm, 4-20mm, 20-30mm

Product Remark: 5-16 steps

2016-9-12Look Select

Spiral Flute HSS Step Drill Bits With Two Relief

Product Numbers: STDR-30201

Product Specifications: 4-12 6-40

Product Units: Spiral Flute

Product Remark: Two relief Angle

2016-3-30Look Select

HSS Step Drill With 1/4 Shank Hexagon

Product Numbers: STDR-11001

Product Specifications: 4-12mm 4-20mm, 4-30mm

Product Units: 9-14 stpes.

Product Remark: Flexible cord hand drills

2015-5-14Look Select

Step Drill with Straight Flute

Product Numbers: STDR-20001

Product Specifications: 4-12mm, 4-20mm 5-35mm

Product Units: CBN high ground surface

Product Remark: China Top quality step drill

2010-5-25Look Select

Step Drill Bits with Spiral Flute

Product Numbers: STDR-10001

Product Specifications: 4-12,20-30

Product Units: CBN fully ground

Product Remark: For Drilling

2010-5-25Look Select

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