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Individual Pin Gages

Product Numbers: GB-65101

Product Specifications: 0.011-1.000

Product Units: Roundness limit of .00001

Product Remark: plus or minus

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Aluminum Pin Gage Handle

Product Numbers: GB-64101

Product Units: Pwer costed handle body

Product Remark: made from aluminum

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Inch Type Pin Gauge Sets

Product Numbers: GB-63101

Product Specifications: Range 0.11-1.000

Product Units: Inch type

Product Remark: Hardness: 60/62HRC

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Metric Pin Gage Sets With Handle

Product Numbers: GB-62101

Product Specifications: 0.20-25.49

Product Units: Class ZZ(0.005mm tolarence).

Product Remark: China Pin Gauge

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Metric Pin Gauge Sets Without Handle

Product Numbers: GB-61101

Product Specifications: 0.30-20mm

Product Units: Smooth finish 10 micro or better

Product Remark: Without Handle

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China Ceramic Pin Gauge 91pcs High Precision

Product Numbers: GB-3291

Product Specifications: 91pcs ceramic pin gauge

Product Units: Made of ceramic material, extremely wear-resistant

Product Remark: China manufacturer,

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China Ceramic Pin Gauge 41pcs

Product Numbers: GB-3241

Product Specifications: 41pcs

Product Units: Accuracy ±1 μm, roundness 0.5 μm

Product Remark: China Pin Gauge manufacturer

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