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Network Cable Tester Optical Wire Tracer Optical Power Meter

Product Numbers: NF-8508

Product Specifications: Voltage protection:60V

Product Units: Battery: Type C charge

Product Remark: OPM: 850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625

2023/8/18Look Select

200Hz BNC Cable Tester Wire Tracker Max 3 Kilometers

Product Numbers: NF-168S

Product Specifications: Frequency 200kHz

Product Units: RJ11, RJ45,BNC

Product Remark: Light display(Wiremap, tone,tracing)

2021/3/25Look Select

Polarity Test Adjustable Network Cable Tester Phone Cable

Product Numbers: NF-813C

Product Specifications: Cable test types: RJ45, RJ11, BNC

Product Units: Max.Signal voltage: 8Vp-p

Product Remark: AC anti-jamming: Yes

2021/3/25Look Select

Tone Frequency 200kHz Wall Wire Detector Cable Locator

Product Numbers: NF-816

Product Specifications: Max. Length Distance: 500m / 1640.42ft

Product Units: Max. Signal Voltage: 15VP-P

Product Remark: Signal Display: Tone

2021/3/13Look Select

RJ45 Diagnose Tone BNC USB Metal Line LAN Network Cable Tester

Product Numbers: NF-868W

Product Specifications: Range: Electrified wire 3000m

Product Units: 2 Tones, adjustable

Product Remark: AC 60V/DC 42V

2020/9/3Look Select

Cable Length Meter Coaxial Cable Tracker Tool RJ45 5E 6E

Product Numbers: NF-8108-M

Product Specifications: Tone frequency 225 Hz

Product Units: Faults LCD display LCD display

Product Remark: Indictor LCD 53x25 mm

2020/9/3Look Select

Cable Line Locator Trace Network Coaxial Cable Finder

Product Numbers: NF-858C

Product Specifications: Tone frequency: 130kHz

Product Units: Check open, short, cross

Product Remark: Easily trace and locate cables without AC Current noise

2020/9/3Look Select

Multifunction TDR Measure Length Network Cable Tester

Product Numbers: NF-8601S

Product Specifications: STP/UTP 5E,6E network , telephone , coaxial cable

Product Units: Big LCD color screen 320*240

Product Remark: Currency detection and lighting lamp

2020/9/2Look Select

PoE PING Tester RJ11 RJ45 BNC Cable Length Tester

Product Numbers: NF-8601W

Product Specifications: storage and memory

Product Units: Max. distance of wiremap 2000 m

Product Remark: Max. distance of cable length 1000 m

2020/9/2Look Select

Lan Cable POE Wire Checker Cat5 Cat6 Lan Test Network Tool Scan

Product Numbers: NF-8209

Product Specifications: Application: Cat5, Cat6

Product Units: Test Length: 600m

2020/9/2Look Select
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