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Outside Micrometer Sets

Product Numbers: DM-120022

Product Specifications: 0-200mm

Product Remark: Top Quality In China

2016/11/16Look Select

Extension Anvil and Spindle External Micrometer

Product Numbers: DM-201301

Product Specifications: Rangel:0-200mm

Product Units: Micrometer Head: 0-25mm

Product Remark: Lengthened anvil and spindle

2013/11/18Look Select

2000-2500mm Micrometer with Interchangeable Anvil

Product Numbers: DM-201213

Product Specifications: 2000-2500mm

Product Units: with dial indicator

Product Remark: China micrometer manufacturer, exporter

2013/11/17Look Select

1500-2000mm Interchangeable Outside Micrometer with Indicator

Product Numbers: DM-201212

Product Specifications: Range: 1500-2000mm

Product Units: Micrometer Head: 0-50mm

Product Remark: Thread Pitch: 1mm

2013/11/17Look Select

1000-1500mm Outside Micrometer with Dial Indicator

Product Numbers: DM-201210

Product Specifications: Range: 1000-1500mm

Product Units: Tubular Frame

Product Remark: Travel of dial indicator: 5mm

2013/11/17Look Select

Analog External Micrometer with Interchangeable Anvil 1200-1400mm

Product Numbers: DM-201209

Product Specifications: Range: 1200-1400mm

Product Units: Resolution: 0.01mm

Product Remark: China micrometer wholesaler

2013/11/17Look Select

1000-1200mm Interchangeable Anvil Outside Micrometer

Product Numbers: DM-201208

Product Specifications: Range: 1000-1200mm

Product Units: Tube type light weight

Product Remark: China micrometer manfuacturer

2013/11/17Look Select

Tubular Frame Extra Long Range Outside Micrometer

Product Numbers: DM-201204

Product Specifications: 600-700, 700-800, 800-900, 900-1000mm

Product Units: Satin chromed

2013/11/16Look Select

ROK Extra Large Outside Micrometer (Tubular Frame)

Product Numbers: DM-201201

Product Specifications: 300-400mm 400-500mm

Product Units: Tubular frame with exchangeable anvil

Product Remark: China Outside micrometer manufacturer

2013/11/16Look Select

Long Range Micrometer with Adjustable Anvil

Product Numbers: DM-201102

Product Specifications: 400-500mm 500-600mm

Product Units: DIN863

Product Remark: Resolution:0.01mm

2013/11/16Look Select

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