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How to use arc Digital Radius gauge
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How to use arc Digital Radius gauge
        The gauge is design to measure the uncompleted circles radius without any calulation, and the tilt will also be measured. Unlike mechnical radius gauge, it can read the value at display. no need to comparison.  It also automatically me recognize outside and inside radius. it is usefule radius measuring tools. While measuring the radius of arc, measuring it using "R" gages commonly, butapplication range of "R" gages is limited, because it only measure standard radius of arc,and getting data from comparison measurement, so cannt getting accurate data of workpiece. Multi-indicators can measure random radius of arc, apply for measurement radius of arc and plastic mould manufacturing,Multi-indicators have five different length measuring jaws, for choose corresponding measuring jaws, while measuring arc face. It can also be used to measure the radius of wood or art products. Pressing key: MODE, an select measuring functions: inner arc, outer arc, length, depth, step. When first row of display "R1" , the instrument enter inner arc measurement.the LCD When first row of the LCDdisplay "R2" , the instrument enter outer arc measurement. Third row of the LCD display: length, depth, step. Select suitable measuring jaws according to workpiece size. Measuring jaws specifications: 10, 20, 30, 60, 100, after replace measuring jaws,pressing key : C, make the LCD display number =measuring jaws size.
Example:If select 30measuring jaws, then the LCD should display "c=30
Measuring range: linear0-13mm,
Linear deviation:△S≤0.02mm
Radius deviation:△R≤ R
Power:3V Li battery(CR2032)
Workable temp.:0¡40℃
Storage temp.:-20℃±60℃

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