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Moisture Balance,Halogen Moisture Analyzer
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Product Name: Moisture Balance,Halogen Moisture Analyzer
Product Numbers: MOAN-1002
Product Specifications: 0.002g
Product Unit: Temp.range: 40-199℃
Product Remark: Moisute Range: 0.0%-100%
Product Class:Measuring and Testing Instruments > Balance and Scale > Moisture Analyzer
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Moisture analyzers are sometimes referred to as "moisture balances" or "moisture meters". They implore infrared heating technology to perform a LOD method,The moisture analyzer consists of two important components; a balance and a heater. The sample is placed in the moisture analyzer and the balance captures the initial weight. An infrared energy heater is used to heat the sample. During the test the balance records the weight. When the sample no longer loses weight the instrument shuts off the heat and uses the final weight to calculate moisture.
1.Large LCD display
2.Store historical setting
3.Stainless steel chamber
4.Temp and time can be set
Pan Size: 90mm
Weight: 5.8Kg
Heat source: Halogen lamp
Temp.range: 40-199℃
Moisute Range: 0.0%-100%
Moisture readability: 0.01%
Dry residual range: 100%-0.00%
Temperature Setting: 40-199℃ by step 1 ℃
Autostop: 0.1%-9.9% within 1 min
Storage: 15
Heater: 220V 50Hz  115V
Balance: External power supply
Output: 9V
Input: 220V 50Hz
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