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Bridge Welding Notification
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                 Building Bridge is complex task which involved many skills and technology.  Welding the steel is very important, More problems occur at welds than anywhere else in fabricated components. Many bridges in the world collapsed every year and this not only in poor or underdeveloped nations. Many people lost their lives in recent disasters in August 2007 in Minneapolis and in September 2006 in Canada. A recent U.S. Department of Transportation survey found that 27% of the nations bridges are structurally deficient. The U.S. has about 600,000 bridges, with 17,000 considered "scour critical". About 1,500 collapsed between 1966 and 2005, according to Jean-Louis Briaud. In the past most bridges have failed for a handful of known reasons: weak foundations, corrosion, metal fatigue, ship collision or design error.Our welding engineers are experts in welding technology, procedures and code requirements for buildings, bridges, pipelines, heavy industrial machinery, railway track, boilers and pressure vessels, including all relevant AWS, ASME, API and CSA codes and standards.Welding is more than dragging a welding rod across a piece of steel and gluing it to another one. The process begins with properly fitting and securing the work pieces, or metal to be welded, together. For thicker pieces, you may want to grind a bevel so subsequent beads can be placed in the groove to fill it completely with a solid weld. Here are the basic steps for completing a simple weld.  If the metal consists of two pieces that are to be joined in the welding process, you may need to prep, or weld prep them, by grinding a beveled edge on the sides that are to be joined. This allows for sufficient penetration of the weld arc to melt both sides to a molten state so the filler metal bonds through the sectional thickness of the metal. At the least, you should remove any paint, grease, rust, or other contaminants so you are working with a clean pool of molten metal as you weld Proven technological innovations in plate joining, stiffener assembly and welding, and fully automated and robotized high-tech solutions can be directly integrated along with PEMA WeldControl into the design and manufacturing data systems. The accurate, clean and straight dimensions of the pre-fabricated components and sub assemblies allow for high-speed and high-quality welding of thin sheets as well as for heavier plates. In submerged arc welding, multi-wire, iron powder additions and narrow gaps are common ways to increase productivity. However, the use of tubular wires is increasing in popularity and can offer better weld quality compared to solid wires in some situations, e.g. when submerged arc welding of primed plate. In building and bridge construction MIG/MAG welding is more suited to automation and is now beginning to replace submerged arc welding, reducing costs and distortion significantly
             After welding the steel in bridge. The inspector should test the welding result by instruments, weld gauge as National standard. Obtain and verify copies of the materials certifications, including certified mill test reports, welding materials certifications, and others as required by the specifications for all steel and other materials incorporated into the project. Retain those certifications in a project file in the inspection office.
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